Student Government

The FSU-Panama Student Government Association (former Student Council) started as a forum to create an environment of openness and comfort that is conducive to learning and personal growth. The Student Government Association is vital in promoting communication among the students, and among students, faculty, and staff. It serves as an advocate for students’ rights, a voice for their needs, a vehicle for keeping the student body informed about the policies of the university, and as a mechanism for improving the academic, professional, and social development of FSU-Panama students. Its members are elected by the Student Body once a year and hold regular weekly meeting throughout each semester. Additionally, they participate in the different university committees alongside faculty and staff members.

The FSU-Panama Student Government Association consists of the Executive Board-President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and the following representatives:

  • Representative for Sports and Athletic activities.
  • Representative for Arts and Cultural activities.
  • Representative for Computers.
  • Representative for Academics.
  • Representative for Facilities.
  • Representative for the Study-Abroad Program.

Officer Requirements

  • Candidates must plan to stay at FSU-Panama for two consecutive semesters, beginning with Fall semester as semester 1 of 2.
  • All candidates must have and maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.5 (in a scale of 4.0)
  • They must be able to meet during the lunch hour here on campus for government meetings.
  • They must be willing to help out with several areas of student life even if those are not exactly part of their job description.

The Duties and Role of SGAP members

President: The President is the official spokesperson of the student body. He or she chairs all student government meetings, but has no voting power unless there is a tie. The president ensures that the goals of the Student Government are met and serves as a supporter to each member when needed.

Vice President: The Vice President assumes all roles of the president anytime the president is unable to be present. The Vice president shares the responsibility of ensuring that all activities and goals of the government are met. The Vice president also makes sure that "thank you" notes and other rewards and acknowledgements are made. He or she has a vote during all motions and amendments.

Secretary: The Secretary records all minutes and discussion topics of each meeting as well as prepares the agenda and minutes of previous meetings. Additionally, the Secretary posts minutes on the Announcement Board or the web page. The Secretary advertises meetings and any events the Government is involved in, and is responsible for contacting all Student Government members. The Secretary also keeps record of all communication between the Student Council and the Administration, Faculty, or Students.

Treasurer: The Treasurer handles all Student Government money and provides documentation of purchases and any other monetary actions. He or she serves as the representative when dealing with any financial situation between the student government and the administration.

Senators: The senators serve as the representatives of the government in areas such as academics, athletics, arts and culture, computers, facilities, rights & responsibilities, study-abroad program, and library. Each senator attends meetings related to the area of emphasis and reports the results to the Student Government. Likewise, each senator communicates to the committee he/she belongs to possible proposals or suggestions from the student body. Senators should submit a written summary regarding every meeting they attend so as to keep a record and facilitate follow up. Summaries must be submitted to the Secretary and kept in a file. In the case of a complex and lengthy event where extra manpower is needed, senators as well as executive members are expected to help out.

The Constitution of the Student Government Association of FSU Panama can be found here (PDF)