Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision Florida State University

Mission and vision of FSU Republic of Panama Campus

FSU Republic of Panama is a branch campus of the Florida State University. Our purpose is to offer students from all over the world an opportunity to pursue a U.S higher education, while living in Panama; to expose them to an international mix of cultures, lifestyles and languages; and to challenge all students to be learners, leaders and contributors.  

The university seeks to attract faculty members who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in teaching and a dedication to scholarly and creative activity, by encouraging participation in national and international professional gatherings.

To enhance intellectual life, the university maintains the best English language library in Panama, offering its members access to on-line and other resources from FSU's main campus.

To encourage health and teamwork, the university provides an athletics program and access to the sports and wellness facilities provided by the City of Knowledge.

To promote leadership, students have the opportunity to stand for election to the university's Student Government Association, whose function is to protect student interests and promote campus life. By organizing clubs, students can pursue extra-curricular interests in the arts, politics, the environment and other fields, contributing to their personal and professional growth as citizens of the world.

To serve the Panamanian community, the University provides an English Language Program, which hires qualified professionals that develop and deliver the instruction of English as a Second Language in the Republic of Panama. Additionally, its Professional Development Program offers training and capacity-building in essential life and work skills.

FSU Panama is committed to being a global learning institution and to promote the mission and vision of Florida State University through continuous improvement and renewal.