Undergraduate  Programs

The Florida State University campus in the Republic of Panama is a branch campus of Florida State University offering four undergraduate degree programs and one graduate program.

Students may complete the Liberal Studies requirements for all majors offered at the main campus located in Tallahassee, Florida, including those programs leading to professional careers such as engineering, medicine and law. Students may also be awarded an Associate of Arts Certificate as well as complete the pre-requisite coursework for admission into the College of Business or the College of Engineering. The FSU campus in the Republic of Panama strictly adheres to the academic requirements of FSU. All classes follow the same description of those at the main campus. Professors and texts are approved by the corresponding Departments. FSU students at the FSU Campus in the Republic of Panama must also fulfill the same requirements of FSU students in Tallahassee before a degree is granted. Education is not limited to class interaction. The FSU campus in the Republic of Panama aims to provide an environment where knowledge is not only delivered but developed and encourages interaction between faculty and students, providing additional space for the exchange of ideas. The campus activities, library, student lounge and mentoring program have been envisioned as vehicles for faculty/student interaction. This allows students and faculty additional opportunities to grow as individuals and members of society.

Undergraduate Application

Graduate  Program

The challenges facing the global community demand an expertise transcending disciplinary boundaries.  The Master of Science in International Affairs of the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy at the FSU campus offered at the Republic of Panama is a multi-disciplinary graduate program offering  globally-oriented professionals the opportunity to acquire  an understanding of increasingly complex issues that transcend national boundaries, and to develop the critical managerial skills that are required to apply their knowledge to real world situations, enabling them to pursue successful careers in government service, business, international institutions and non-governmental organizations. FSU is committed to providing an stimulating academic environment that promotes intellectual discovery applying rigorous scholarship; the Republic of Panama, a vibrant cosmopolitan center that attract international  institutions from the private and public sectors, offers our students unique opportunities to  explore both the theoretical and practical aspects affecting international affairs.

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