Grade Appeals System

Grade Appeals System in the Republic of Panama Campus (Updated 2022)

The purpose of the grade appeals system is to afford an opportunity for an undergraduate or graduate student to appeal a final course grade under certain circumstances. Faculty judgment of students’ academic performance is inherent in the grading process and hence should not be overturned except when the student can show that the grade awarded represents a gross violation of the instructor’s own specified evaluation (grading) statements and therefore was awarded in an arbitrary, capricious, or discriminatory manner. The evaluation (grading) statement utilized during the grade appeals process is the one contained in the instructor’s syllabus at the beginning of the semester. This system does not apply to preliminary or comprehensive exams or to thesis or dissertation defenses; these issues are reviewed by the Faculty Senate Student Academic Relations Committee via the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement.

General Academic Appeals and Grade Appeals System

Grade Appeals Flowchart