Pushpa Mirchandani

College Level Writing
Pushpa Mirchandani sitting in her office

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College Level Writing

Professor Mirchandani, a native of Singapore, graduated with honors from both Notre Dame of Maryland University and Florida State University. She has been educating professional adults at the FSU English Language Programs since 2004. In spring of 2016, she started working as an adjunct in the English department of the FSU undergraduate programs. Currently, she instructs students in ENC 1905 Improving College-Level Writing, ENC 1101 Freshman Composition and Rhetoric, and ENC 2135 Research, Genre and Context besides continuing to train professional adults at the ELP department.

Her career interest is in improving students’ ability to write well organized essays, developed primarily through applying critical thinking skills. She focuses on strategies and process in writing as her experience has taught her that that is the area students generally tend to neglect the most.

Having worked in teaching English for over twenty years, she has presented at various TESOL conferences contributing to training teachers in Panama.