Gabriel C. Quintero G., PhD

Gabriel Quintero outside of the FSU Panama campus

Contact Information


Dr. Gabriel C. Quintero G. was born in Panama City, Republic of Panama. Dr. Quintero performed his Master degree in Neuroscience (Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans) and PhD in Applied Biopsychology (University of New Orleans) between 2001 and 2007.   Later, during the year 2011, Dr. Quintero followed a postdoctoral study in Neuroscience and addiction.   Since, 2012 he has been adjunct faculty at FSU Panama.  Dr. Quintero has written different publications in peer review international journals in the field of neuroscience, addiction and pain during his career.  His topics of research and writing during his career has been neuroscience, pain, addiction and psychology.

Courses taught by Dr. Quintero at FSU-Panama has been: Introduction to Brain and Behavior, Clinical Psychopharmacology, Addictive Behaviors, Pain and Suffering, and General Psychology.