Adam Tratner, PhD

Director of Student Affairs
Adam Tratner standing in fromt of FSU logo

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Adam Tratner is a social scientist and educator. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Oregon (2014), followed by a Master of Science (2017) and Doctorate (2020) degree in Psychology at Oakland University. Adam became affiliated with FSU in 2020 as an adjunct professor of Psychology and later transitioned to Director of Student Affairs in 2022. In this role, he oversees the Office of Student Affairs, Housing, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Campus Life (e.g., student government, student organizations), and continues to teach Psychology courses.

Adam is also a researcher affiliated with the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services of Panama (INDICASAT AIP) and National System of Research (SNI). Specifically, he works with the Panama Aging Research Initiative (PARI) to conduct research on mental health and age-related neurodegenerative disorders.