Tuition Discount

In support of our community during these trying times, we have adjusted our tuition and fees for the Summer 2020 semester:

  1. Tuition reduction of 10% for the Summer 2020 semester. You will be assessed $252.00 per credit hour for undergraduate classes (instead of $280.00) or $360.00 per credit hour for graduate classes (instead of $400.00). Graduate classes offered through PAD department will have no adjustment as they follow a different fee structure.
  2. Insurance fee of $8. Since all classes will be conducted online and our premises will remain closed, the $8.00 insurance fee will not be assessed for the Summer 2020 semester.
  3. Lab and Materials Fees of $40. With virtual labs, no materials will be used, so this fee will not be assessed if you enroll in science labs. Please take note that some labs may require a license purchase for conducting such labs online, but that will be an individual purchase and not through the institution. We foresee that this may not be needed for most labs but there is still a possibility.
  4. Installment contracts. The installment contract will also be available for the Summer 2020 semester, and it will offer you four (4) installments instead of 3 that is typically the case with summer semesters. The last installment will have an expiration date of August 15th and will provide you with a deferment until July 31st. Please take note that the installment plan is available for the Summer A session only (12 week session).