Tuition & Fees


The following cost estimates are for a typical 2-semester year with a course load of 15 credit hours per semester.  Additional fees may be assessed for science labs, late registration, late payment, installment payment plans, and late installment payment.  Cost of attendance* and fees are subject to change.

Tuition Cost
30 credit hours $8,400
Application fee (first semester only) $100
FSU ID ($5.00 per semester) $10
Technology/Recreation fee ($100 per semester) $200
Insurance ($8 per semester) $16

The following cost estimates are for a typical program of 32 hours with a course load distributed in 5 semesters. Tuition and fees are subject to change:

Tuition  Cost
32 semester hours @ $ 400.00 per credit hour $12,800
Application fee (first semester only) $100
FSU ID ($5.00 per semester) for 5 semesters $25
Technology/Recreation fee ($100 per semester) for 5 semesters $500
Insurance ($8 per semester) for 5 semesters $40
Total $13,465

Graduate Zero Semester-Hour Course Fees

Students registered for zero semester hour graduate level courses (such as the comprehensive exam or GRE for Spanish) with additional courses will not be charged for the zero credit hour course. When registering for a zero credit hour course only, the student will be charged for one semester hour, plus technology and insurance fees. For the reason, it is best to plan on the comprehensive exam while enrolled in your last semester of coursework, in order to avoid additional fees.


 FSU Panama accepts payments through personal checks, VISA, Master Card, CLAVE, drafts against a U.S. bank, and wire transfers. The Installment Plan allows students to pay their semester tuition in three installments for an additional fee of $50.00.  Payments should be processed in our offices and not online.

 We also accept the following forms of financial assistance:

  • Panamanian students: IFARU loans and scholarships from SENACYT.
  • U.S. students: Federal Student Aid through FAFSA.

(Students can apply using the free online application at

  • Veterans of the U.S Armed Forces: Veterans Educational Benefits for veterans and their dependants
  • Florida Residents: Florida Pre-Paid and Bright Futures
  • Venezuelan students: Venezuela Government Student Remittances

When applying for Veterans Educational Benefits, students or parents must use the following address as the school address:

Florida State University Panama

A4300 University Center

PO Box 3062431

Tallahassee, FL 32306

* Tuition: $115.08 per credit hour. Local Facilities Fee: $164.92 per credit hour. Total: $280.00 per credit hour