International Affairs

Undergraduate Edition 

mastertUnderstanding the mechanics of today’s fast paced, inter-dependent world involves a high degree of knowledge not only of politics, but also the underlying forces that move humanity. The International Affairs program at Florida State University is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a fundamental knowledge of the field of international affairs, a background suited to the intelligent observation of global affairs. The program seeks to deepen the students understanding of global issues such as international trade and economic relations, human rights, religious and moral issues in international conflicts, international security, international environmental issues, the roles of culture, history, gender, and geography in a global society.

In order to accomplish this the International Affairs program incorporates the knowledge of ten different departments and one school.

Through an undergraduate degree in International Affairs, students are prepared to pursue careers in service, business, and academia. Positions exist in a variety of international organizations, such as those associated with the United Nations. Others can be found in state and local governments, especially in those with important foreign trade interests, extensive immigration, and tourism. There are also jobs in the private sector, with multinational corporations, banks and with non-profit organizations.

The major in International Affairs is open to all students in good academic standing.



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