Computer Science

Computer ScienceThe Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) program at Florida State University-Panama (FSU-Panama) provides the students with the fundamental knowledge to deal with the current and future problems in this field. FSU-Panama focuses on the development of a core of basic skills in communication, mathematics, algorithmic reasoning and the comprehensive underlying principles of computing. This study will ensure that the student has the ability to adapt to the changes of this exceptionally fast moving field. FSU-Panama will offer technical instruction at the frontier of new developments while simultaneously providing each student with a core of intellectual tools that will never become obsolete.

In addition to the classes offered in residential format at FSU-Panama, students can register for courses offered via Distance Learning from the main campus in Tallahassee. These courses require frequent interaction with the professors through the submission of assignment via e-mail or through other connections in the World Wide Web.

Admission and Retention: To be admitted to the CIS major, a student must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 in all college work attempted. A student must maintain this GPA to remain in good standing in the major. No student who has accumulated more than 5 grades below C- in mathematics, statistics, sciences or computer sciences courses will be permitted to continue in the major.




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