Undergraduate  Programs

Florida State University – Panama is a branch campus of Florida State University offering five undergraduate degree programs and one graduate program. FSU-Panama’s core is the provision of high quality education. Due to its location, it also makes a U.S. education more accessible to the residents of Latin America. At present, FSU-Panama grants undergraduate degrees in five different programs.

  • Computer Science (BA or BS) through distance education
  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies (BS)
  • International Affairs (BA or BS)
  • Interdisciplinary Program In Social Science (BA or BS)
  • Environment and Society (BS)
  In addition, students may complete the Liberal Studies requirements for all the majors at FSU, including those programs leading to professional careers like engineering, medicine or law. Students may also be awarded an Associate of Arts Certificate as well as complete the pre-requisite coursework for admission into the College of Business or the College of Engineering. FSU-Panama strictly adheres to the academic requirements of FSU. All classes follow the same description of those at the main campus. Professors and texts are approved by the corresponding Departments. FSU-Panama students must also fulfill the same requirements of FSU students in Tallahassee before a degree is granted. Education is not limited to class interaction. FSU-Panama aims to provide an environment where knowledge is not only delivered but developed. FSU-Panama aims to provide its students with an environment that encourages interaction between faculty and students, providing additional space for the exchange of ideas. The campus activities, library, student lounge and mentoring program have been envisioned as vehicles for faculty/student interaction. This allows students and faculty additional opportunities to grow as individuals and members of society.